I hear that living with an artist can be trying...but I don't really see it. It's not like we take up space...Or infringe on the living areas...It's not like there's splatter on the electrical outlets and walls... It's not like the cats sit in ope.. Read more

Visual Arts

It\'s been more than 20 years since Matthew Sweet, still reeling from his divorce, recorded his third album, <em>Girlfriend</em>, a modest modern-rock hit at the time that has since built up a reputation as one of the best power-pop albums of the .. Read more

On Music

With the loosening of immigration laws in the 1960s, the promise of America became available to more people than ever. The years that followed changed the face—and flavor—of the country, even in cities such as Milwaukee. Many of those new i... Read more

Happening Now

It may seem strange that Brendon Small would follow up his brightly colored, kid-centric series “Home Movies” with the blood ’n’ guts-filled heavy metal send up “Metalacolypse,” but upon further thought, the progression Read more

Today in Milwaukee