Global Warming

For defining the anguish of society’s outsiders with his 1955 poem “Howl," Allen Ginsberg became a characteristic voice of the Beat generation. First Thought: Conversations with Allen Ginsberg, edited by Michael Schumacher, collects 18 i... more

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DreamBikes is a nonprofit bike shop that sells refurbished and affordable bicycles to the community. They provide jobs to local teens; creating a fun and supportive work environment based on honesty, integrity and open communication. Meet Russell .. more

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“We are in this bizarre political state in which most of the Republican Party still thinks it has to pretend that climate change is not real,” said Jonathan F.P. Rose. more

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Rhea Suh of the Natural Resources Defense Council promises future generations will inherit a world without the dangers of global climate change in this excerpt from Letters to the Future. more

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Pope Francis and President Barack Obama are addressing climate change in serious ways, yet Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker continues to deny that it’s a problem, according to members of the grassroots group Organizing for Action (OFA) on its da... more

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Dear EarthTalk: Where will be the best places to live if global warming gets the best of us?-Cynthia McIntosh, Jasper, WYIf temperatures around the globe continue to rise in the face of human-induced climate change as climatologists expect, some.. more

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The Deli Man documentary begins with an alarming statistic: in the 1930s thousandsof Jewish delis flourished in New York City; nowadays, in all of North America,only 150 are in business. But like that Upper Midwest favorite, the supperclub, the.. more

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OnSaturday, the new ex-offender advocacy group Ekistics will be holding afundraiser to celebrate the last day of Black History Month. Ekisticsis just getting off the ground, but it’s setting up an organization devoted tohelping offenders and.. more

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Scott Walker’s appointees on the Wisconsin Public Service Commission are punishing users of solar energy and are considering implementing a $50 fee for purchases of hybrid or electric cars. more

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Research compiled by EarthTalk shows that climate change may threaten the nutritional content of food. more

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Carlos Gomez just took home an award no Brewer has won in more than 30 years: a Rawlings Gold Glove. The Brewers' gravity-defying center fielder bested Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Denard Span of the Minnesota Twins for the honor.. more

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Is there a link between the recent spread of mosquito-borne diseases around the world and environmental pollution? more

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Determined to make a different kind of summer blockbuster, director Guillermo del Toro avoided superheroes in tights and capes, trading the more familiar American comic book universe for Japanese genres involving monsters from the sea. And ... more

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Milwaukeeans have been shivering and wet this past week, so it’s easy to believe that our soggy, cold April means that global warming or climate change isn’t a serious threat.But unfortunately it is. more

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There's a big reason climate change differs from so many public policy challenges: unlike other crises, addressing the planet's major environmental crisis truly requires mass consensus. Indeed, because fixing the problem more

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What Barack Obama tried to tell America in the hour of his remarkable victory is that the nation's future won on Election Day. Seeking to inspire and to heal, the re-elected president offered an open hand to partisan more

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Dear EarthTalk: Has an alternative to air conditioning to keep rooms cool been invented that... more

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“Soon it will be too hot” is a great opening line for a novel, especially one about global warming. As Martin Amis writes in his introduction for the anniversary edition of The Drowned World, prescience isn't everything, yet J.G. Ballard& more

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After beginning my reporting career under an editor I considered unnaturally obsessed with the day's weather... more

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The Milwaukee Rep has opened its season with the Midwest premiere of a Jeffrey Hatcher comedy. It’s a real pleasure to see something this new by a playwright as talented as Hatcher, even if the work is far from Hatcher’s best . . . even if it’s .. more

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