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  The Marquette University campus was quite last night as my wife and I went in for the first of two shows in a row there. We were there to go to the theatre, the lobby of shich ended up being packed for opening night of the Marquette Univers.. Read more


Limited by his dense, Buddha-esque frame, Cee-Lo isn’t particularly limber, but thatdoesn’t stop him from dancing. In concert with Gnarls Barkley, Cee-Lo fallsback on two moves. The f,Concert Reviews Read more

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They Might Be Giants @ the U.S. Cellular Connection Stage An u The OddCouple ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Brief Candles @ Cascio Interstate Music Groove Garage, Summerfest, 4:15 p.m. ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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American society is accustomed to—and quite adept at ignoring—white boys singing of inner pain. Mostly we dismiss their angsty lyrics as hyperbole at best, bad poetry at worst, confident that although a few tortured singers may actually pull the .. Read more

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Thing have been volatile for a long time, but the music industry is now officially in chaos. The ice age has arrived. The sun has zoomed in. Engines have stopped running. The industry is drowning, and now the major labels that snapped up prime re.. Read more

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Real Emotional Trash, ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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Countless adaptations of Antigone have been produced for the stage and screen, but in the Antigone ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Like so many modern popular metal bands, All That Remains, aMassachusetts group headlinin Resurrection ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Richard Strauss’ Salome is one of the world's great operas, combiningthe last remna Salome ,A&E Feature Read more

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