The Godfather

It doesn’t match The Godfather or even The Godfather III, yet despite its cliché-ridden screenplay, Hoodlum (1997) has points in its favor. One: an interesting story concerning an illegal, lucrative African American lottery scheme in Depres... Read more

Home Movies

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s live accompaniment to The Godfather, taking place at the Riverside Theater, was largely an acoustic failure. Frankly Music’s season finale concert, “Return of the Tango,” was lively and entertaining in ... Read more

Classical Music

John Fogerty and Shannon and the Clams roll through town, while the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra takes on a cinematic classic. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Jeff Meene has found a new angle on one of the most remarkable filmmakers of his era. In Francis Ford Coppola (published by University of Illinois Press), Meene identifies Coppola as an especially prominent manifestation of the post-industrial, ne.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood