Going Out Of Business

An iconic Wisconsin business is going out of business after 60 years. In a press release today, American TV & Appliance announced that it will begin liquidating its inventory with a going-out-of-business sale beginning Thursday, Feb. 20. The compa.. Read more

Happening Now

There’s just so much white on UWM’s main stage. Sandra J. Strawn’s set is a big, gauzy winter affair with long, tattered white sheets. It may have been a bit cold last night, but the set made it feel substantially colder. I was there for UWM’s pr.. Read more


Minneapolis’ The Twilight Hours reunites members of one of that city’s most celebrated college-rock bands, Trip Shakespeare: singer-songwriter Matt Wilson and bassist John Munson, who also found success with the post-Trip Shakespeare Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The text of the e-mail is below:Dearest patrons of Paper Boat,As of May 31st Paper Bo Dearest patrons of Paper Boat,As of May 31st Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery will be closi,None Read more

Visual Arts

I made one last stop to America's least-loved big box this afternoon hoping to score some of the 60%-off CDs the Circuit City commercials have been promising in bold letters. No luck. The location at South 76th Street was sold out of pretty much e.. Read more

On Music

With their friendly reggae/hip-hop/alt-rock hybrid, 311 are an agreeable little band, yet they’ve long suffered from an image problem. When they’re not being derided as a frat-friendly, jam-lite band (a characterization that, while exaggerated, t... Read more

Today in Milwaukee