Temperatures are expected to reach the mid-fifties thisweekend in and around Milwaukee. Because of this, the Milwaukee County ParksDepartment has decided give us a chance to break out the clubs a little earlythis year and open up two gol.. Read more

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Milwaukee County Parks

Are you the type of person who looks to do whatever interesting new things the city of Milwaukee has to offer? Here's one of those aforementioned interesting new things! Milwaukee now plays home to two FootGolf courses.  FootGolf  is exactly wha.. Read more

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Twocelebrated names in golf will be showcased at the Greater Milwaukee Golf Showthis weekend. Golfing instructor "The Putting Doctor" and Peter Johncke, “TheTrick Shot Master,” will both take the main stage this year and help kick offwhat w.. Read more

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What’s the next best thing to teeing up while we wait outthis winter? Getting a first look at the latest golfing gear and honing yourswing at the Greater Milwaukee Golf Show!This interactive golf extravaganza ranks as one of thelargest in the.. Read more

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FootGolf, another permutation of plain old ball-and-clubgolf, is making its way into Milwaukee. Joining other golf alternatives such asarchery and Frisbee golf, FootGolf is played with a soccer ball and your ownfoot, and the goal is to sink t.. Read more

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VIA Downer is closing after more than four years in business, the pizzeria announced today. The restaurant at 2625 N. Downer Ave. will close will close June 30 and will become the latest BelAir Cantina. According to a statement, the sale was promp.. Read more

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Another deadline passed Monday without news on the fate of Ryan Braun or Brandon Jennings. But a major weekend event got the Observers Read more

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A timely, golf-themed farce is scoring a hole in one at Sunset Playhouse. The Fox on the Fairway is the perfect lighter fare for playgoers seeking clever characters, a screwball plot and the ugliest collection of golf sweaters Read more


Garlic may not have the glamorous cachet of strawberries or chocolate, both of which have inspired their own southeastern Wisconsin festivals, but it has its share of fanatics, which makes the food a worthy if eccentric theme for Braise's f... Read more

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Researching Egyptian pharaohs is genuinely dangerous work that takes archaeologists to unforgiving desert climates and treacherous tombs, and pits them against thieves who want to get their own hands on historical treasures for Read more

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With their lone marijuana-themed film, Joel and Ethan Coen created one of the most popular cult films of all time, The Big Lebowski . The brothers’ 1998 comedy stars an inspired Jeff Bridges as a laid-back dude who gets caught up in a Read more

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Though Michael Angelakos began Passion Pit as a solo project, writing songs for his girlfriend in his dorm room at Boston’s Emerson College, a lineup of Berklee College of Music students formed around him, and within a year the enthused Read more

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For decades guitarist Peter Roller has been a prolific side-player in the Milwaukee music scene, assisting the earliest incarnation of Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans, performing with blues artist Steve Cohen, mandolinist Yank Rachell and t... Read more

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Many of the most significant blues performers originated in the Mississippi Delta, but blues music was widespread in the South from early on. Classic Appalachian Blues is by no means the final word on the subject, but it includes recordings... Read more

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If only our humble typography could duplicate the esteem, the awe, the almost whispered reverence that CBS commentators are trained to convey in April's hallowed words: "The Masters." Of course, it helps that golf's annual ode to itself is ... Read more

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“What are you doing in that funny looking get-up?” Asking the question is a man wearing a pith helmet, a khaki colonial officer’s uniform, tall leather cavalry boots and a flowing cape. In comparison, the sidekick he’s questioning cuts a modes.. Read more

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Golftournaments are undergoing more name changes than Elizabeth Taylor. GMO ,Jim Cryns on Sports Read more

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In an irony that countless comic-strip authors have observed time and time again, the beg Boys and Girls in America ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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