Whenever two people are onstage, it’s never ust two people onstage. There are also two characters onstagepersonas the the two people are wither consciously or unconsciously projecting at an audience. When the characters in question are also acto.. Read more


There's a special relationship of conflict between lifelong rivals. And while it may not be enjoyable to face constant challenges from another person in real life, it is fun to watch onstage. Renaissance Theaterworks opens its season with j... Read more


Dress like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Bridgitte Helm and go crawling for Renaissance Theaterworks.On Saturday, October 1st, the theatre company will be promoting its new comedy Gorgons--”a show about two Hollywood screen actresses from the gol.. Read more


[We're] new at this. We both were wondering why gay men have oral sex? The two of us are considering doing it [for the first time] and want to know if it is safe. I have tasted my own cum after masturbating, an,SEXPress Read more

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