Showing thatWisconsinites’ attitudes toward Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challengerMary Burke have hardened, the new Marquette University poll shows Burke leadingWalker 48.6% to 46.5% among likely voters, but Walker leading Burke among .. Read more

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So I’m crunching the numbers and sifting through Tuesday’s election results. Now, I know it’s comparing apples and oranges, since Democrats didn’t have a hotly contested gubernatorial or U.S. Senate race to bring out voters, b.. Read more

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The name Warrington Colescott is synonymous with a rebirth in printmaking that began more than 50 years ago. The ever-hospitable Peltz Gallery presents a unique exhibition in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum’s summer retrospective for this... Read more

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Milwaukee’s Masonry is an instrumental math-rock trio for people who don’t like instrumental math-rock. Where instrumental acts like Pelican endlessly riff on their songs like they don’t have anywhere to be, Masonry is more interested in Read more

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