In Designing Gotham: West Point Engineers and the Rise of Modern New York, 1817-1898, Jon Scott Logel, a professor at the U.S. Navy War College, explores the crucial role played by military officers, many of them veterans of the Corps of En... Read more



Mentalists and magicians can be exceptionally annoying. In an age of information, we’re not necessarily impressed when people do things that we don’t understand. Ages ago it was impressive, but somewhere along the line, we all started carrying the.. Read more


The Riverside Theater will be packed with squealing tweens on Tuesday, Aug. 20 when it hosts a co-headlining bill between The Wanted and Carly Rae Jepsen. The Wanted, for those without kids, is a British boy band, featuring well-mannered lads with.. Read more

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American schools always taught that the U.S. Navy carried the day in early wars against Barbary pirates and the British, but in truth, Jonathan Dull tells us, the record is mixed. Despite redundant and occasionally unclear writing, Dull off... Read more


The biggest challenge for Wisconsin Democrats will be to avoid getting overly confident as... Read more

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Ai Weiwei could have had a comfortable career as an artist in China, especially after his contribution to Beijing’s emblematic “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium. But he bit his master’s hand, posting blog comments critical... Read more

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Ten hours after Pearl Harbor burned and more than 2,000 Americans perished, the Japanese launched... Read more

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Rand Paul, tea party flavor of the month, is said to be avoiding "overexposure." Senior Republican Party operatives, worried by the Kentucky Senate nominee's all-too-revealing remarks after his primary victory, have urged him not to grant a... Read more

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Commercial artist Milton Glaser worked in many modes, designing everything from newspaper layouts to restaurant interiors to advertising campaigns. His two most famous images give only a rough idea of his stylistic scope—the widely emulated I Lov.. Read more

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On my morning talk radio show, I am regularlybedeviled by a black conservative who detest The Washington Post ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Appropriately, much has been made of the historic election of the first African American president of the United States. ,Taking Liberties Read more

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(1)In October, a 58-year-old patient accused the Rush Green DentalPractice in Romford, E Daily Mail ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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Fair, patient and reliable: monikers not routinely attached to politicians. What's your mission, really? ,Off the Cuff Read more

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Whether literally or metaphorically, many places are haunted by ghosts of the past. Although the History Channel series “Haunted Histories: America’s Most Haunted Places’ (out on DVD) hedges its metaphysics a little, it learns toward the proposi.. Read more

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