Grant Hart W/ Surgeons In Heat

"The Show That Would Not Die" returns to the Oriental Theatre this Halloween with another evening of zombie puppets as Angry Young Men Ltd returns once more. The remarkably sophisticated live parody of George Romero's classic (with puppets) retur.. Read more


With An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf, playwright Michael Hollinger tells a breathtakingly well-executed story. The sense of poetry, symmetry and composition about the story is really quite overwhelmingly beautiful. It's a simple story .. Read more


While his band mate and eventual rival Bob Mould went on to cement his legacy with a prolific, impressively consistent solo career, H%uFFFDsker D%uFFFD’s more overlooked co-lead Grant Hart struggled after the band’s breakup, recording only ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Illinois’Dr. Manhattan released their first album on Vagrant Records and areregulars on the Warped Tour circuit, but they aren’t anywhere near theby-the-numbers emo-punk band suggested by that biography. The group’ssecond album, l,This W Read more

This Week in Milwaukee