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Residents of Greenfield will get a taste of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine when Shawarma House opens its third location on Layton Avenue this fall. more

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Walking through the aisles of Makes Cents Variety Store is a trip backward in time—the shelves will catch your eye with familiar faces if you were a toy consumer in the ’80s, ’90s, or 2000s. more

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Grate Modern Mac & Cheese will open a second location at Greenfield’s 84South development near South 84th Street and West Layton Avenue in May. more

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Famous Dave’s Barbecue, a chain started in Hayward, Wis., with a convenient Greenfield location, provides great integration of others regions’ barbecue customs along with slightly exotic accompaniments. more

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Marquette University marketing professor Felicia Miller can’t help feeling a little puzzled when thinking about some of the recent forays into brick-and-mortar retail she has seen in the Milwaukee area. more

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“If this is what an officer did during a role play, what are they like on the street?” wondered Mary Neubauer, who was injured during a crisis intervention training session in West Allis. more

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 Benno's is a sleeper of a beer bar on Greenfield Ave. inWest Allis. If you're a beer lover, you may have heard of it or even beenthere, but I find most people aren't familiar with it, even though it's beenaround since 1980.The big draw is th.. more

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Well, that was uncomfortable.Milwaukee County ParksDirector John Dargle got an earful in yesterday’s meeting of the Parks, Energyand Environment Committee for his lack of transparency about an in-the-workslease with Greenfield for Kulwicki Pa.. more

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The Brass Tap, a franchise out of Florida, will be opening its firstWisconsin location at 7808 W. Layton in Greenfield, with a soft opening plannedfor mid-December. The main focus of the space will be the bar featuring 80taps, including 30-40 l.. more

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Act 14, transparency, Milwaukee County government, Chris Abele, parkland more

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Portraiture captures moments in time, immortalizing people, places and eras. Subjects may vanish instants after an image dries or a camera clicks, but the moment remains. Within this framework John Ruebartsch and Sally Kuzma present “Here, ... more

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Briton Robert Dee, feeling humiliated at being called the "world's worst tennis pro" by London's Daily Telegraph (and other news organizations), sued the newspaper for libel last year. After taking testimony in February 2010, the judge toss... more

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Harry and Peg Bradley’s private world opens to Milwaukee with great celebration on May 30. Their personal retreat and 40 acre sculpture gallery renamed the Lynden Sculpture Garden will be permanently available to the public on Wednesdays, f... more

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One of my all-time favorite You Tube's - a history of awful draft picks by the New York Jets more

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Republican Congressman Paul Ryan may feel that his southern Wisconsin district is safe. Shepherd’s ,News Features more

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Milwaukee County’s tight financesare the underlying theme of the campaign for count Shepherd Express ,News Features more

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