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The soundtrack to the award-winning indie film is an eclectic affair with selections ranging from Alanis Morissette to the Monkees to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The CD also includes key moments of dialogue from the film. Read more

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Indie filmmaker Greta Gerwig crafts a well-paced, smart comedy-drama of a high-school girl with big dreams. Read more

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Writer-Director Mike Mills imbues 20th Century Women with an indie filmmaker’s respect for reality on a human scale. The film is inhabited by a handful of characters with enough dimension to feel fully human—unlike the stick figures that fi... Read more

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Maggie’s Plan is a witty, low-key comedy of manners in a milieu Woody Allen thoroughly investigated in the late 20th century. The romantic-sexual-intellectual landscape is shown from a woman’s point of view, a perspective Allen can be forgi... Read more

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Normal life paused a century ago in many places when the circus came to town. The performers trouped down Main Street in a cavalcade of wagons heavily carved and gilded. By the 1950s those rolling sculptures were Read more

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