As part of a museum-wide exhibition series focusing on consumerism, the Haggerty Museum of Art presents “Aesthetic Afterlife,” featuring Wisconsin artists William Andersen, Jason Ramey, Heather McCalla, Niki Johnson, Hongtao Zhou and Yev... Read more

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Plenty of homeowners grow small gardens of tomatoes, peppers and squash in their backyards, but far fewer attempt to grow their own mushrooms. Although mushrooms are seen as a much more exotic crop, they're actually fairly easy to cultivate... Read more

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(Written on Monday, but the blog was down) I had this half written before tonight's game started, so I'm going to just keep going that way and not let the start to tonight's game effect what I'm saying. I was on a message board reading .. Read more

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Since Primus went dark, save for the occasional tour and retrospective release, madman ba Golden Delicious ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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