Growing Power

Though Will Allen’s Growing Power didn’t turn into the thriving business he had hoped it might eventually become, Allen remains very busy in Milwaukee’s urban agriculture scene. more

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Urban farming was still a largely unknown concept in 1993 when Growing Power began as a program that offered inner-city Milwaukee teens an opportunity to work by growing food for their community. more

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Urban beekeeping is growing in popularity in Milwaukee, where it is fostered by several community organizations and supported by UW-Milwaukee-Extension, Marquette University and city government. more

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Urban farmers from diverse organizations and backgrounds are transforming Milwaukee. more

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Africa’s unique culinary traditions reflect the continent’s vast cultures and groups, and Milwaukee is fortunate to have several options to sample the savory stews, vegetable and meat dishes that comprise African cuisine. Among the latest i... more


Inwriter-director William Monahan’s Mojave , Garrett Hedlund plays Thomas, a jadedHollywood bad boy-star who wishes he were Byron or Rimbaud—or at least JimMorrison. Arrogant and alienated from human feeling, he wonders pretentiou.. more

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A new player has emerged on Milwaukee’s urban farming scene: Future Roots Farm has joined the ranks of fellow urban farmers like Growing Power, Sweet Water Organics and Central Greens. more



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Milwaukee’s reputation as an especially boozy city is hard earned. Remember that pridefully when you wake up disoriented and dehydrated. A handful of upcoming events mean to solidify this reputation.On Friday, May 8, the iconic Five O’Clock Stea.. more

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Bob Dylan, Tech N9ne and Melt-Banana return to Milwaukee, while Nick Offerman shares a couple of shows with his wife. more

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Nobody feels the effects of extremeweather such as drought, flooding and above-normal temperatures quite likeWisconsin farmers. Though accustomed to skillfully adapting and findingsolutions when the unpredictable occurs, climate change poses a .. more

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Milwaukee’s best-known urban farm, Growing Power (5500 W. Silver Spring Drive), will offer a course in Commercial Urban Agriculture (CUA) running from February through June of next year. more


You’re probably familiar with The Three Little Pigs and no matter the cultural variation—be it with pigs and a wolf, rabbits and a fox, or ants and a spider—the story is adored by children around the world. Coming to First Stage is George S... more


It’s been a long wait for Hōm Wood Fired Grill to finally open. Housed in the former Coa, at the Bayshore Town Center, Hōm is owned by the SURG Restaurant Group more

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Few Milwaukeeans have attracted as much press in recent years as Will Allen. The charismatic local leader of the urban farming movement, Allen has received national media attention for his more

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Milwaukee’s newest urban farm, Central Greens, opened in March 2013 and has been providing the Milwaukee metro area with wonderful fresh herbs, greens and fish. Like their fellow local urban farmers more

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As local home gardeners and full-time farmers can attest, the growing season ends after the first frost. Not much left but some barren patches of dirt and a straggly bit of brown vegetation that hasn’t been pulled up more

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The James Beard Foundation, known for excellence in dining, has challenged more than 100 restaurants around the country to create a special single dish that more

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When Zach Komes’s family moved to the Washington Heights neighborhood, he and his sister Elsa set up a youth-led, fundraising coffee stand as a way to meet people more


The movement is led from the top by the healthy foods initiative of First Lady Michelle Obama and from Milwaukee by Will Allen, founder of Growing Power, named by Time more

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Let me be clear: Milwaukee is not my hometown. However, it often feels that way. After living outside of a teeny... more

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