In a town known for its corner bars, Riverwest Filling Station is reimagining the model. While it’s still a place for the residents of the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods (and interlopers, of course) to hang out and have a pint and som... Read more

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Located inside the Good Harvest Market natural food store, the Harvest Café (2205 Silvernail Road, Pewaukee) is a fine place to take in a healthful, filling meal in a quiet, comforting space. Read more




The Malt Shoppe offers growlers and nearly 1,000 varieties of beer. Read more

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TheMalt Shoppe, a retail store for craft beer lovers, will be opening and 813 N.Mayfair Road in late October. The store plans to offer a wide selection ofcraft, imported and seasonal beers on 30 taps and more than 1,000 packagedvarieties. Spec.. Read more

Happening Now

With so many craft breweries and brewpubs in our town you may be wondering if there is a way to bring that fresh draught taste home with you. Bottles are easy Read more

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Like many hopeful entrepreneurs, Wauwatosa-based brewer Andrew Dillard turned to Kickstarter last spring thinking he might use the popular fundraising site to raise $27,000 to start a microbrewery in Tosa. Big Head Read more

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While living in Athens, Ga., Bryan Atinsky took advantage of the many pubs offering growlers, 64-ounce jugs of beer filled fresh from the tap, then sealed to go. Growlers were such a convenient way of sampling and sharing Read more

Dining Preview

The frustration all of us feel over the failure of politics to serve the public good is multiplied when one party or the other seems to have adequate control to do just about anything it wants.At the national level, with Democrats in contro... Read more

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