Gubernatorial Election

NextGen America hosts a gubernatorial candidate debate targeted toward young voters, and the City of Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission offers a free listening session to find out more about being an immigrant in Milwaukee. Read more

Saving Our Democracy

The state’sstructural deficit will climb to a projected $1.76billion in the next term, according to new numbers released by thenonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau today. That’s a huge jumpfrom the LFB’s estimate in May that the state would.. Read more

Daily Dose

The latest campaign finance filings show that Gov. Scott Walker took in $9.5 million this year, with 120 donors giving the maximum to him under the law, $10,000 Read more

Issue of the Week 6 Comments

With a little more than six months left in the race for Wisconsin governor, Democratic candidate Mary Burke has been crisscrossing the state to introduce herself and her plan to turn around Read more

News Features

Gov. Scott Walker may be running for re-election as governor of Wisconsin, but his life on the campaign trail is more likely to be lived by a guy who aspires to the presidency. Walker raised Read more

Issue of the Week

A funny thing happened after Mary Burke, a moving force behind one of Wisconsin’s most successful homegrown, international companies, announced her candidacy for the Democratic Read more

Taking Liberties

With just a year to go before the 2014 gubernatorial election, one Democrat, Mary Burke, a Dane County businesswoman and former head of the Department of Commerce, has just publicly Read more

News Features 4 Comments

Remember when it used to be considered really corrupt to buy elections in this country? You’d have to be so old, you’ve probably forgotten. Read more

Taking Liberties

When Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker announced that privatizing security at the courthouse and other county facilities would save taxpayers more than $750,000 a year, it seemed preposterous.And it was.According to new numbers crunch... Read more

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