Guns Down Miltown is an awareness campaign with a goal of stopping gun violence across the community. Read more

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Nearly 50 area high school students traded their books and backpacks for signs and megaphones during an anti-gun rally at the Milwaukee County Courthouse Friday morning. Read more

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It’s nice to see that a steady series of locally-written shows continuing to make it to the stage. Alchemist’s New York Stories series may be the most prominent of locally-written productions. One of those locally-written pieces that might not get.. Read more


Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is stepping down at the end of his term, providing Wisconsin voters a rare opportunity to vote for two new candidates for this Read more

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Following the rapper's latest arrest earlier this week on marijuana charges in Atlanta and questions about the appropriateness of booking a gun-loving rapper with known gang affiliations at a "Stop The Violence" event, 618 Live has canceled Chief .. Read more

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American schools always taught that the U.S. Navy carried the day in early wars against Barbary pirates and the British, but in truth, Jonathan Dull tells us, the record is mixed. Despite redundant and occasionally unclear writing, Dull off... Read more


After all the grim news we’ve had to endure at the end of the year, isn’t it great to live in a state where we don’t have to go very far at all to retreat into natural beauty and spiritual solitude? Read more

Taking Liberties

Let's take a break from politics, mass murder and all those other divisive topics in the news... Read more

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The first time I saw presidential candidate Barack Obama in Milwaukee... Read more

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It is not OK to murder people. That may seem to be such a self-evident moral truth that it should... Read more

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Just who, exactly, does Wisconsin's new castle doctrine law benefit? The law allows property owners to legally—and fatally—shoot intruders because the courts will presume that they had acted... Read more

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Many writers on Alfred Hitchcock\'s films have never bothered to mention his screenwriters. In <em>Scripting Hitchcock: Psycho, The Birds, and Marnie</em> (University of Illinois Press), Pace University English professors Walter Raubicheck and Wal.. Read more

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Is it really too much to ask that those carrying concealed weapons take a four-hour training course? Mind you, that course doesn't have to be hands-on. The course isn't required to have a standard curriculum. And it doesn't require the s... Read more

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Gun advocates are hailing the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Chicago’s tough handgun ban, saying that state and local laws cannot ban individuals from keeping firearms in their homes, a right that is protected by the Second Amendment.So doe... Read more

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I am so sick of the Journal Sentinel writing puff pieces about Rep. Paul Ryan. Read more

Happening Now

For over three decades, the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s extravagantly staged production of Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol has been one of Milwaukee’s most cherished Christmas traditions. This year’s produc,Today Read more

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This is the stultified freedom-versus-safety quarrel that seemed to forever define gun politics—that is, until anti-government activists started bringing firearms to public political meetings. In early August, a protester came to a rauco,N... Read more

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When the Brewers lured Gabe Kapler away from managing the Boston Red Sox's single-A team, they found a diamond in the rough. They're apparently looking to do the same thing again by giving another "past-his-prime" former Red Sox player a shot. Dou.. Read more

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Guns legally purchased by African-American women and young adults alsohad quick times-to- What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,News Features Read more

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