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Actor Dan Stevens isn’t the only link between “Downtown Abbey” and Summer in February. The setting is similar: England, 1913, where the young and wealthy could afford to break some rules. Stevens plays best friend to painter Alfred Munni... more

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There must be something in Australia’s landscape that lends itself to post-apocalyptic settings. In the latest Mad Max trek across the Outback, Guy Pearce plays Eric, a brooding drifter obsessed with reclaiming his stolen car—and killing th... more

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Not unlike Star Wars two years earlier, Alien (1979) brought something new to science fiction film... more

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A Chicago-born MC with a versatile flow and an ear for big hooks, Lupe Fiasco gained his first taste of mainstream exposure on “Touch the Sky” from Kanye West’s Late Registration. A pair of well-received albums for Atlantic Records follo more

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