Later this month, Catholic school Divine Savior Holy Angels and Community Theatre Works will stage a production of the fabulous retro ’60s musical Hairspray. The production features a fusion of actors from 6th grade to adult bringing the story to .. more


Ruthie answers a question from a reader concerned about his husband’s expensive new interest in doing drag and plugs exciting events including the Riverwest Fem Fest, Jan. 21-24; Gallery Night and Day, Jan. 22-23; Hairspray at the Majestic ... more

Hear Me Out

Based on John Waters’ 1988 film, the retro musical comedy Hairspray is one of those one kind of wishes came out before it was retro. Set in Baltimore in 1962, it tells the story of an overweight girl who manages to make it onto a popular dance sho.. more



At the far end of the current theatre season, Menomonee Falls’ Falls Patio Players will be staging a production of the popular musical Hairspray. The musical details the journey of a 1960s plus-size teen who dreams of dancing on the Corny Collins .. more


In keeping with Milwaukee's festival tradition, the city's annual PrideFest places a higher value on entertainment than many similar LGBT gatherings across the country, booking marquee headliners each year. This year's lineup, which the festival r.. more

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The disturbingly well-funded performing arts department as Pius XI has brought a number of huge musicals to the Pabst Theatre over the years . . . most notably a rather large production of Titanic. In March, the program brings Hairspray to the h.. more


Looks like Gov.-elect Scott Walker is learning the difference between running a perpetual campaign and actually governing.His first fumble is over his promise to “kill the train” between Madison and Milwaukee, which would eventually link Wi... more

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Tornadic Activity In GreendaleOne of the heaviest rainfalls in the history of Milwukee was coming down as I approached Greendale High School. I hadn't been expecting as much, so I arrived soaking wet. By the time I'd considered myself dry enoug.. more


For most Americans, technology permeates everyday life via e-mails, text messages and voice messages on iPads, iPods, iPhones and miniscule laptops. It’s all about faster, lighter and smaller, especially when compared to vintage mechanisms ... more

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July 16th: A production of Hair opens at the Sunset Playhouse In Elm Grove.July 22nd: A production of Hairspray opens with Greendale Community Theatre in uhh . . Greendale---Hair: a musical about hippie counter-culture of the late ‘60’s that.. more


Keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger of The Doors want nothing more than to continue performing the band’s music, but with The Doors’ iconic singer Jim Morrison dead and drummer John Densmore dead set against seeing the more

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Transgressive filmmaker John Waters infiltrated the mainstream with 1988’s Hairspray , the sweet story of a plus-sized, dance-obsessed teenager in racially segregated 1960s Baltimore. Waters’ story was resurrected in 2002 more

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Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s production of Donald Margulies' comic drama Brooklyn Boy stars Jim DeVita as a Brooklyn native who, despite finding success as an author of autobiographical work, struggles to connect with people in his home boro... more

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Britainwasn't the birthplace of modern art, but responded in the early 20th century to dev Modern Painters ,Books more

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Having passed the two-decade mark, Marquette University senior Bonnie Auguston is about th The Heidi Chronicles. ,Theater more