This coming July, Hartford Players will be staging a production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The beloved musical from the far-off, mystical era of the early ’90s will be staged Jul. 15 - 23. Auditions are being held this weekend at th.. Read more


The tragedy Othello is the most urgently humanistic of Shakespeare's great plays—more tightly constructed than Hamlet, more carefully motivated than Macbeth, more urgent if less spaciously tragic than King Lear, but with a resistance... Read more


The creepy Cornfield (2970 Mile View Rd., West Bend) opens on Friday, September 24 and stays open until Sunday, October 31. The Haunted Night time Adventure on Friday and Saturday Nights is the best, most intense time to go! You can enjoya ... Read more

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The fantastic new CD Portraits & Elegies (Innova), recorded by violinist Frank Almond and pianist Brian Zeger, explores the lyrical side of contemporary American music. Philip Lasser’s unashamed love of French music is apparent in the lovel... Read more

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 Tuesday, September 2, 2008 - 11:00 AM CDT Brewers, Harley sign major sponsorship deal The Business Journal of Milwaukee - by Mark KassHarley-Davidson Inc. has signed a major new sponsorship deal with the Milwaukee Brewers that will include.. Read more

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Tensions have been high between the Brewers and Cardinals for 2 seasons now and I think most of us can't really understand why. The Cards really aren't our biggest rival and until this year, the Cards really haven't had anything to fear from us.Th.. Read more

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Everything inmoderation. The way we eat, drink, and even consume sports.It’s Maxim ,Jim Cryns on Sports (Online Exclusive) Read more

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Shepherd Express Announces ExclusivePartnership with Summer ,About Read more

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Nevertheless, We Energies is continuing to build it and, what’s more, it wants its Shepherd ,News Features Read more

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