The Capital Times, Madison's cutest, money-losingest daily newspaper has announced plans to stop printing every day. It brings the end to two eras - the 90 year run of the progressive rag, and the waiting for The Capital Times to finally, finally .. Read more

Happening Now

Between DVRs, DVDs and daily ODs on cough syrup, today’s kids canpretty much raise won’t ,Banana Soup Read more

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Insteadof fading into the sunset of a youth-dominated culture, old people arefighting fo won’t ,Banana Soup Read more

Happening Now

by Robbie Hartman November 01, 2007Two months ago, I thought porking Ann Coulter was Could you describe or explain the Guest Expressions campaign? ,Banana Soup Read more

Happening Now

Has anybody else noticed that Myspace has been even more unruly than usual lately? I know this is a bit off the usual topic of music, but I bring it up since these days I only use my Myspace account to access band pages. Today in just the few minu.. Read more

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