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Following the racist assault on actor and singer Jussie Smollett, Carmen Murguia shares insight on hate crimes and how to heal from them. Read more

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Carmen Murguia reflects on the Nov. 11, 2001, murder of her best friend, Juana Gloria Vega. Read more

I Like It Like That!

In this time of deep polarization, how often do you engage folks with whom you disagree? Truly engage with them and recognize their humanity—not fight with them, cut them out of your life or troll them on the Internet? Read more

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“The huge underreporting of hate crimes makes us keenly aware that many victims find no confidence in the legal system to provide them justice when they have been victimized,” said Reggie Jackson of America’s Black Holocaust Museum. Read more

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is a throwback to our ugly racist past, using the most vile language to attack African Americans who protest police officers who use deadly force against unarmed blacks. Read more

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These days, the Faith Healer is viewed as one of Brian Friel’s most accomplished creations Catholic School Girls ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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