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The complete music from Miklos Rozsa's score for the classic film Ben-Hur has been released on a CD by the City of Prague Orchestra. more

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Terrence McNally wrote thescreenplay for Frankie and Johnny (1991), drawing it from his 1987 off-Broadwayproduction, Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune . With the help of directorGarry Marshall ( Pretty Woman ), McNally transformed a two-.. more

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Although she earned a solidreputation in theater and worked in 52 films, several hits among them, AnneBancroft stands out in many minds for one role in particular. In The Graduate (1967), she played Mrs. Robinson, the sexy and.. more

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Frank Sinatra was still in his peakyears, a couple decades before time began to collect its inevitable chargesagainst his voice, at his 1962 concert in the Royal Festival Hall. Royalty waspresent, but all eyes were on the perf.. more

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The first American death in the conflict that grew into the Vietnam War was, in the words of Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns, “the result of a tragic misunderstanding." Lieut. Col. A PeterDewey was in Saigon in 1945 trying t.. more

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The essays in The Art of HorrorMovies chronicle the genre from its first stirring in the silent shorts ofGeorges Melies through the torture porn of the present day. But while the artof filmmaking and acting is alluded to, th.. more

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Many timers will be set, and even personal time rescheduled, to accommodate Ken Burns’ latest epic. His 10-part,18-hour “The Vietnam War" will debut across the U.S. and on Milwaukee PBS onSept. 17.Our local PBS affiliate wil.. more

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At first glance, Nick could bemistaken for deeply drugged or depressed as he mumbles inarticulate answers toa therapist’s questions. Soon enough, it’s clear that he’s developmentallydisabled as well as downcast by the prospect o.. more

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In a partnership that will remindclassic film buffs of Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock, composer DannyElfman and director Tim Burton have forged an enduring relationship betweenmusic and motion pictures. One difference: .. more

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The horseman at the heart of The Good, TheBad and The Ugly (1966) says little but casts a long shadow on the face of therocky desert. Sometimes the only sounds are absent-minded humming and thejangling of spurs—until a rifle s.. more

Aug 7, 2017 3:44 PM I Hate Hollywood

The two most familiar images created byMilton Glaser embody a pair of decades—the trippy Bob Dylan poster from the‘60s, which hung in thousands of dorm rooms, and the I Love NY logo, whichcalmly stated defiance over the city.. more

Aug 1, 2017 7:56 PM I Hate Hollywood

The statistics were against thegreen-lighting of T helma & Louise, much less its chances of becoming a hit.As recalled by Becky Aikman in her book Off the Cliff: How the Making of Thelma& Louise Drove Hollywood to the Edge , i.. more

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The protagonist of AmericanFable , an 11-year old girl called Gitty, is growing up on a Wisconsin farm asthe 1980s farm crisis rises to a boil. Ronald Reagan is glimpsed on TV,insisting that government has no business bailing .. more

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Al Green was a top-sellingR&B singer in the early ‘70s—until he put away his past and threw himselfwholeheartedly into a new life. Director Robert Mugge’s 1984 documentary, GospelAccording to Al Green , looks closely at a un.. more

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“Lone Star BBQ—The PerfectPartner for Your Chicken," Lee Hayden insists. A movie star in the 1970s, Lee(Sam Elliott) is reduced to doing voice work for commercials. He keeps impatience in check when the unseen producer asks .. more

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Some think edgy television began with “The Sopranos." Older viewers will insist that comedy led the way over drama—just think how provocative “Saturday Night Live" seemed in 1975 or“All in the Family" when it debuted i.. more

Jun 21, 2017 6:17 PM I Hate Hollywood

Just by being on hand, GeneKelly could inject heart and soul into even the most mediocre movies. Butfortunately for his legacy, he’s remembered for starring in a pair of the mostbeloved musicals from Hollywood’s golden age, .. more

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Although his name will promptfew nods of recognition, Warren Skaaren helped write many of the top grossingmovies of the 1980s, including Top Gun , Batman , Beetlejuice and Beverly HillsCop II . Before his death in 1991, he was.. more

Jun 1, 2017 1:26 PM I Hate Hollywood

Billy Wilder was among the mostincisive writer-directors from Hollywood’s golden age. Little wonder he wasresponsible for one of the best Cold War comedies, One Two Three (1961), outnow on Blu-ray.One Two Three is set in the.. more

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In the 1920s, when “on the road" meant bumping along gravel turnpikes in most of the country, America was still a largely unknown land to most of its inhabitants. This was changing, not only because of asphalt highways and m.. more

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