The soundtrack to the HBO documentary on Elvis Presley shows Elvis as a musical omnivore whose sensibility ran the gamut from gritty blues to laughable schmaltz, from hard-punching rock and roll to tearful country balladry. Read more

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One of the great TV mini-series ever made, “Show Me a Hero” dissected racially tinged attempts to build 200 units of low-income housing in Yonkers, N.Y. from 1987-94. Read more

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Kerry Washington and Wendell Pierce are excellent as Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas in HBO’s depiction of the notorious Senate hearings. Confirmation manages sympathy for both sides while telling the story with gripping, never overstated dr... Read more

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Magical Movement: The Milwaukee Ballet’s breathtaking Mirror Mirror, a world premiere by Michael Pink, was received with a well-deserved standing ovation on opening night. At a pre-show dinner at Gallerie M in the InterContinental Hotel, pa... Read more

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 “Witness”is an HBO documentary (out on DVD) about photojournalism, specifically threeprofessionals who ventured into four of the most dangerous parts of theworld—war zones in all but name. The documentary is eye opening, though th.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

 Whenthe major studios refused to fund his Liberace picture, Oscar-winning directorSteven Soderbergh went instead to HBO. His production, Behind the Candelabra ,drew a huge audience on cable earlier this summer. It will be out in.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

As its name implies, Benjamin Busch's stunning new memoir Dust to Dust is largely a meditation on life and death. Although Busch is a decorated Marine Corps officer who served two tours of duty in Iraq, Dust to Dust is much more than a war ... Read more


(Tea partiers, be damned. How’bout you go spend a couple, three years down in, say, Haiti, and thenget back to me on how much you enjoy a no-government country. Deal?) So for thos,Art for Art's Sake Read more

Art for Art's Sake

The Charles Allis Art Museum pays tribute to a state prodigy with its exhibition “Wisconsin Masters Series: Emily Groom.” Groom’s prolific portfolio spanned some 80 years, and she continued to paint nearly until her passing in 1975 at th Read more

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Atomic Records closes shop for good Sunday, so if you've been putting off that last visit, you're running out of time. Everything in the store is 30% off today, 40% off tomorrow and 50% off Sunday; hours are noon to six. The store was well stocke.. Read more

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Controversial political comedian Bill Maher, whose digs can strike the funny bone while h Momofuku ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

   Controversialcomedian Bill Maher, whose digs can strike the funny bone while Borat ,A&E Feature Read more

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Agood joke takes time to set up. Comedians can’t just rush the punch line; theyhave to finesse it, tease it. For Flight of the Conchords, the ,Concert Reviews Read more

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For some reason when I hear the term environmental architecture it conjures up dour-faced buildings with shaggy grass roofs. It likewise transports me to dimly lit lecture halls full of students watching slides of stick men wantonly perspiring and.. Read more


Faced with the uncomfortable task of reviewing a program set in his own workplace, Sun cri Chicago Tribune ,A&E Feature Read more

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