Heat Wave

Dear EarthTalk: Has an alternative to air conditioning to keep rooms cool been invented that... more

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Summerfest has announced its 2012 attendance figures, and to the surprise of nobody who stepped outside at any point during the festival\'s run, they were down a bit from last year. The festival drew 805,437 attendees over its 11-day run, less tha.. more

On Music

<p> It\'s not even going to be cooler by the lake. With a stagnant hot front hanging over the city, and a stifling breeze from the south canceling out whatever relief a lakefront breeze might have provided, the entire city of Milwaukee will approa.. more

On Music

In Matt Goldman and Pat Hazell’s light comedy Bunkbed Brothers, two baby-boomer brothers return to their childhood home to spend the night in the bedroom they used to share. The substance of their childhood has been largely preserved, as th... more

Today in Milwaukee

Frank: The Bucks sure won'tfall short of high expectations from the national media. A pow Another NBA season,another rebuilding project for the MilwaukeeBucks. The team is 88-158 ,Sports more

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