Heaven City



Heaven City inMukwonago has reopened as Lakeside Supper Club at Heaven City under newownership. The new menu features steaks, chops, ribs, seafood, Italian classicslike lasagna and veal parmesan, and an all-you-can-eat fish fry. Daily specials.. Read more

Happening Now

Guitarists Neil Davis and Steve Peplin are two of the most prolific players in the Milwaukee jazz scene, between their many other side commitments playing regular gigs together at the Jazz Estate and the Hi Hat, where they perform every Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Just wanted to share a clear, concise article I found on the Biological Treatments for Autism Support Group. Connection between gluten-free, casein-free diets (gfcf) and autism. Briefly, gluten is a protein, and so is casein. Glut.. Read more

Health & Wellness

Winners in the Best Restaurant in the Middle of Nowhere category for Best of Milwaukee 2008. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2008