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State auditors provided a rare independent, detailed look at the operations and oversight of the county’s behavioral health services and raised critical issues. Read more

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CountyExecutive Chris Abele tried to delay this as much as possible, but Health andHuman Services Director Hector Colon’s bid for reappointment was rejected 3-2in yesterday’s Health and Human Needs Committee meeting. It goes to the fullboard o.. Read more

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“The Go Pass is worth its weight in gold,” Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Barbara Beckert, who co-chairs the Make It Work Coalition, told the Shepherd. “You’re giving people a fighting chance to succeed.” Read more

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MPS teacher Julie Meyer is challenging longtime incumbent Rep. Christine Sinicki in the Democratic primary for Assembly District 20 on Aug. 9. Read more

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The Milwaukee County Mental Health Board had intended to decide this summer on outsourcing the county’s psychiatric hospital this summer. But that decision’s been delayed—and that’s a good thing, according to the board’s chair, Duncan Shrou... Read more

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The Mental Health Board got feedback on BHD’s potential $2.7 million deficit in 2017—despite aggressively downsizing its in-patient operations—as well as the seeming lack of resources in the community and the tension in the Uncas Park neigh... Read more

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Thursday night, amid the sleet and snow, the all-appointee MilwaukeeCounty Mental Health Board finally heard from the public about the impact ofthe board’s decisions on consumers, families and county residents. The board rarely hears from the .. Read more

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In his campaign literature, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele touts his backing of the Mental Health Board, an appointed board of health professionals that has oversight over the county’s Behavioral Health Division (BHD). In fact, you ... Read more

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The “political insiders” Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s campaign ad refers to is the democratically elected Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, which no longer has oversight of the county’s mental health and substance abuse ... Read more

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It’s back to the drawing board for those who want to privatize Milwaukee County’s mental health hospital. Read more

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They have some of the most difficult jobs imaginable, but the public never hears from Milwaukee County’s Mental Health Complex employees, who care for individuals who are hospitalized because of their mental health issues. Read more

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The state legislation creating an appointed Mental Health Board to oversee Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division (BHD) set a low bar for public transparency and involvement. But that will change in 2016 as members voted Thursday to ... Read more

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A year after the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board’s creation, members of the public—including the consumers of the county’s mental health and substance abuse programs, along with their advocates—are having difficulty connecting to the b... Read more

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A year into its existence, the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board is in charge of the county’s mental health services, as state legislators intended. Or is it? Read more

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No, the alt-rock trio Better Than Ezra, whose 1995 hit “Good” sounded more like something out of Minneapolis than their native New Orleans, isn’t the first group listeners typically associate with Mardi Gras, but the band is nonetheless Read more

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Search the remote past when thunder lizards roamed the Earth. Explore all the ages of dinosaurs that spanned millions of years until the ultimate extinction. From the air, the maze takes the shape of T-Rex.  Choose the way as you discover g... Read more

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Mars Haunted House has been upgraded for 2010. It's located on the 2nd story of a haunted old commercial building on Historic Mitchell Street (734 W. Historic Mitchell St., Milwauke,Halloween 2010 Read more

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