Helen Money And Jon Mueller W/ C

 This past Saturday, The World's Stage Theatre Company opened the third part of its Martin McDonagh Theatre Festival with a production of A Behanding in Spokane. The offbeat comedy met with an overwhelming response its opening night. It's really r.. Read more


 Atfirst glance, the latest Woody Allen films released on Blu-ray, Sleeper (1973)and Hannah and her Sisters (1986), represent entirely different aspects of thewriter-director’s work. Sleeper is a sci-fi spoof and Hannah is like a Chek.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Although cellos aren’t completely foreign to rock music, they’re rarely played like rock instruments. Helen Money, the nom de plume of Chicago musician Alison Chesley, offers an exception. She filters her cello through an amplifier and dist... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Ireland’sThe Cranberries rode the 1990s alternative boom well, with singles likethe 1993 ballad “Linger” and 1994’s far-grungier “Zombie” becomingnear-ubiquitous rock radio staples. Like many of their contemporari,This Read more

This Week in Milwaukee