The Wisconsin Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association helps to establish dialogue between all the actors the hemp industry. Read more

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A report finds that hemp-growing licenses have soared since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the crop nationally. Read more

Cannabis Connection

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The 49th annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival returns to Madison Friday, Oct. 4 through Sunday, Oct. 6 with speakers ranging from hemp farmers to state representatives. The annual march to the state capitol is planned for Sunday afternoon. Read more


VerdaSure is able to analyze the THC and CBD content in hemp plants, thus allowing growers to optimize their crops and processes. Read more

Cannabis Connection


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Cansas Steidl educates people on a more natural lifestyle, including the use of CBD products. Read more

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Registered nurse Erica Mallory and her husband have included hemp into their farm, bringing CBD products to farmers markets to educate the community about it. Read more

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Photo Courtesy of Cream City Wellness

With their own farm just outside of Milwaukee, this seed-to-shelf shop ensures the quality of each product they sell. Read more

Cannabis Connection

Cream, LLC’s Diane Strauss knows that Wisconsin can regain the top hemp growing status it enjoyed before World War II. Read more

Cannabis Connection

CBD retailers, including Verdant, CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin and Hazy Dayz answer common questions about cannabidiol. Read more

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Colin Plant’s Canni Hemp Co. was one of the pioneers of Wisconsin’s hemp industry, at a time when it was an unconventional industry full of headwinds. Read more

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Waukesha-based Connoils expanded its oil products to include CBD, launching the Abby Christopher CBD brand. Read more

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Laughing Grass Hemp, one of Milwaukee’s first CBD dispensaries, opened a new location including a hookah lounge. Read more

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Though Jason Kassin hit a few bumps in the road venturing into the hemp business, he’s now launched Belfiore414 pre-rolls, hemp flower and CBD products. Read more

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In Weeds, owner Karen Lillie sells and educate about numerous hemp items, including clothing, skin-care products and tea. Read more

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Due to a denied occupancy permit, the owner of ErthScentials has to fight to open a new CBD store in Cedarburg. Read more

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Young Milwaukee entrepreneurs creating a new CBD cigarette to help people get off tobacco. Read more

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Despite some bumps in the road, the staff of Starbuds Medical hasn’t slowed their passion for getting CBD to those who need it. Read more

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Jason Kasinski and Chance Fredrick launched Green Crown Extracts to help people turn hemp into CBD. Read more

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Selling or possessing CBD products exists in a legal gray area, as cannabis products besides hemp are still illegal in Wisconsin. Read more

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Participating in the cannabis industry—even without consuming it yourself—can make you ineligible to become a U.S. citizen. Read more

Cannabis Connection