Herman Astro

It was only earlier this month that the '70s-devoted Milwaukee rock band Herman Astro played a release show for its latest album, Mean Gene . It turns out that show will be one of their last: This morning the group announced that it will break up .. Read more

On Music

Touring can be full of adventure, but for some bands after long stints on the road, touring can begin to feel more like a business obligation. It certainly began to seem that way for Milwaukee’s Herman Astro after several years of touring ... Read more

Local Music

There are few people as important to the health of Milwaukee’s vibrant music scene as Shane Hochstetler. For the past five years, Hochstetler’s Howl Street Recordings studio has recorded a wide assortment of artists, helping such acts as Ju... Read more

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Milwaukee doesn't have a particularly rich Mardi Gras tradition, but for the last several years the city has come out for at least one reoccurring Fat Tuesday celebration: Radio Milwaukee's annual Mardi Gras party at Turner Hall Ballroom with Maxi.. Read more

On Music

It's often said that everyone loves a good underdog story. Alabama Shakes appear to be living out one of them. Thanks to a heavy dose of word of mouth, the band have been on a fast rise, even though they haven't even released an album yet..... Read more

Concert Reviews

We weren’t the only ones mystified by last week’s last-minute changes to the statewide smoking ban, scheduled to go into effect July 5. But apparently there was a giant loophole in the original bill that now, hopefully, has been closed to a... Read more

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Although consumer advocates had hoped that a Democrat-controlled state Senate and Assembly would deliver tough payday lending regulations to the governor for his signature, a bill capping payday loan interest rates at 36% hasn’t made it out... Read more

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