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Photo credit: Erin Bloodgood

After being discharged from the army, Dan Newberry began teaching a free fitness class for veterans that focused on comradery and acceptance. Read more



Photo credit: Erin Bloodgood

Arnitta Holliman, our hero of the week, fights alongside the Benedict Center to help women involved in prostitution or sex trafficking. Read more


Hip-Hop is more than a music genre; it is a tool used by people to challenge the status quo and tell their stories of the injustices they face. True Skool uses Hip-Hop and other art forms to encourage and empower youth in the community. Read more


<p> Field Report, the highly buzzed folk-rock band formerly known as Conrad Plymouth, are still finalizing their release plans for a new album, but in the meantime, they\'ve continued their media charm campaign with a <a href=\"http://www.rollings.. Read more

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It's the Best Western right across the street from the Federal Building. The intersection of 3rd and Wisconsin was a little sleepy this past Saturday night. A quick jaunt out from the faltering Grand Avenue Mall and there were directors Juanita .. Read more


As the dust begins to clear on one of the slowest parts of the theatre season this side of December, the big finale of the August-July Theatre year is just around the corner. (Two shows open next week. The 2009-2010 theatre year ends as Boulevar.. Read more


Sensenbrenneralso missed the fact that Butler is representing only the WesternDistrict of the state, and Butler received more votes than Gableman inthat area. And,finally, we don’t recall Sensenbrenner objecting to President Bushapp,Expres... Read more

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It’shighly ironic that Advocates for Student Achievement (ASA) is trying toposition itself as a “good government group,” sinc,Expresso Read more

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NorthShore residents elected Democrat Sandra Pasch in November because theyfelt her long career in health care and sensitivity to providers and,Expresso Read more


Almost 90% of women use or have used birth control, yet the Bush administration wants to ... Read more

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