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Two major off-year state elections—one in Virginia and the other in Kentucky—should have made the blood of Wisconsin Republicans run cold heading into the 2020 elections. Read more

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What Republicans keep forgetting is that elected officials never really have the last word, the voters do, and the impeachment investigation is already shifting public opinion toward impeachment. Read more

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The Glory and the Burden, Robert Schmuhl shows that in recent decades voters tend to veer from one personality-image to its opposite, giving hope that 2020 will bring a well-spoken civic-minded leader to the fore. Read more



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Donald Trump isn’t going to make it easy for Republicans to ignore all the evidence and exonerate their party’s president in a Senate impeachment trial. Read more

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Trump’s latest Twitter tirade leads to a disturbing racist chant at his recent Nazi Party-style rally in North Carolina. Read more

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Yes, it was disappointing to see that Trump’s inflammatory racism still worked against some outstanding candidates around the country, but it didn’t work in Wisconsin, and Walker’s gone. Read more

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Maverick filmmaker Michael Moore directs his anger and humor at the 2016 election (and American politics) in Fahrenheit 11/9. Read more

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Who’s more un-American: Russian agents seeks to subvert American democratic institutions or Republican Americans whose actions, pretty much, show that they seek to accomplish the same thing? Read more

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Once upon a time, straight men were perceived as paragons of virtue, while gay men were seen as sexually hyperactive and amoral. Current straight male political figures upend these stereotypes. Read more


Democratic wins in the recent Virginia elections and elsewhere in the U.S. are good news for Wisconsin. Read more

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A busy week brings rappers Action Bronson and 6lack to town, as Milwaukee songwriters honor Neil Young. Also: Hillary Clinton’s coming. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Exciting upcoming events include: Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the Riverside Theatre, Nov. 9; a Harry Potter Party at D.I.X., Nov. 11; and a beer and soda bust at Kruz, Nov. 12. Read more

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The Shepherd Express shares with its readers Paul Rosenberg’s top-10 list of the most underreported and ignored major news stories of 2017. Read more

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The biggest problem Republicans have as they twist themselves into knots trying to support Donald Trump’s steady stream of lies is the president himself can’t keep his fraudulent cover stories straight. The latest instance of this is Trump’... Read more

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Our sister newsweekly in Boston, DigBoston, sent a writer to the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism to cover a Harvard seminar that asks the question: How could the supposed best and the brightest in the world of political analysis h... Read more

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With his new national budget proposal, President Donald Trump shows that he is falling into the Scott Walker trap, and his desperate, low-income, small-town, white supporters are once again going to suffer the consequences. Read more

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Activists around the country—young and old, reformers and radicals—are trying to figure out not only how to fight Trump and Trumpism, but also how to think strategically about building a powerful progressive movement based on action and inf... Read more

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Since the election, I have received more than 60 phone calls and a few hundred emails from wonderful and patriotic individuals who are simply devastated by the election of Donald Trump. Many of these people who contacted me wanted the Sheph... Read more

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Voter participation dropped 12% in the City of Milwaukee in the first presidential election since the implementation of voter ID. Read more

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Paul Masterson discusses the recent U.S. presidential election’s outcome with an emphasis on its ramifications for the LGBT community. Read more

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