Milwaukee rapper Lorde Fredd33 has at least a dozen distinct voices, and his full-length "NORF" pairs him with production that's every bit as animated as his delivery. more

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Hip-Hop is more than a music genre; it is a tool used by people to challenge the status quo and tell their stories of the injustices they face. True Skool uses Hip-Hop and other art forms to encourage and empower youth in the community. more


The producer puts his own distinct stamp on classic soul and East Coast hip-hop on his latest set of instrumentals. more

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Of all the rappers in Milwaukee, Genesis Renji may be the hardest to pin down. more

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It took an involuntary residency in Waupun Correctional Institution to bring Milwaukee’s Kenyatta Kuykendoll to hip-hop, and Prodigal Son marks the emergence of a considerable talent who could go in any number of intriguing directions. more

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“We’re like a hip-hop Chicago,” says Lance Loiselle, sousaphone player for the Windy City’s Lowdown Brass Band. more

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Lighting sage every so often to set the mood, Nightmares on Wax turned the Pabst Theater stage into a living room. more

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The expressive Milwaukee rapper teams with one of the city's most prolific trap producers on a new track. more

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Who else but the self-described "greatest boy band in the world" could get away with playing the same song six times in a row? more

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Milwaukee coddles rappers, giving them delusions of success, El-Shareef says. He’s trying to avoid that trap. more

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Milo kicks off 2018 with another sensational new project, while a couple of Milwaukee upstarts come into their own and the YPN crew goes into overdrive. more

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After 90 minutes of staring at an empty stage, the music started in earnest and that's when things went from bad to worse. more

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The new album from the Milwaukee hip-hop trio New Wave Outlawz is as upbeat as it is offbeat. more

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The Rusty P's continue to keep things fresh, seeking out new sounds, new producers and taking the kinds of risks that rap acts of their era aren't generally known for. more

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Playing off the assured, low-key persona she puts on full display at her live shows, Shle Berry’s latest EP is four tracks of laidback, inspirational hip-hop and infectiously syrupy R&B. more

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The violent, strangely beautiful latest video from the iconoclastic Milwaukee rapper casts a deep chill. more

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For his latest project, Ruby Yacht affiliate Chris Misch-Bloxdort modernizes the late singer’s orchestral 1992 album. more

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The modern jazz master discusses his twisty career, and how he fell in love with hip-hop. more

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“I would rather not put anybody on my albums,” A$AP Ferg insists, “because less people means more me.” more

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Too Short, Scarface, Twista and DJ Quik proved they can still bring the party on their “Experience the Legends” tour. more

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