For nearly 30 years, 'Amos ’n’ Andy' was one of the most popular broadcast programs on air, featuring many black entertainers, but it is now hard to find anywhere. Read more

Milwaukee History


Photos by S. L. Stein

Over the last century, our breweries have often changed identities. Read more

Milwaukee History

A little-known local story from the end of Hollywood’s golden age. Read more

Milwaukee History 2 Comments

Local authors cover the sounds of the city from 1950-2000, and they will discuss Milwaukee Rock and Roll at Boswell Book Co., Dec. 19. Read more

Local Music

Although the news of John F. Kennedy's assassination spread like wildfire, one group of Milwaukee men didn't hear about it for days afterward. Read more

Milwaukee History

Cream City lost the 1948 games to stiff competition. Read more

Milwaukee History

British author studied in Leningrad during the '60s and returned to find a changed city. Read more


Daniel Brook's book challenges racist perspectives on history and focuses on one aspect of Reconstruction, the role of Creoles. Read more


Abraham Joshua Heschel continued to publish scholarly monographs and essays in Jewish publications in the first years of the Third Reich, and great surprise in most of the writings collected here is that they exist at all. Read more


Writer-director Tom Dugan performs his one-man play about justice in Whitefish Bay. Read more

Off the Cuff

Simon Jenkins’ book hits the high points in a 3,000-year chronicle that begins in ancient Greece and races toward the present. Read more


The heroic and inspirational stories Enric Marco told of his life were almost entirely false. The Imposter investigates why he lied and why his stories were believed. Read more


How his 1968 Comeback Special, beautifully packaged in a new release, became rock music’s greatest show on screen. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Boil away the alternate futurism and potted history, what remains in Blaming China is a provocative essay on the state of America. Read more


It was the first multi-inning appearance for position players since 1979, when a battered Brewers club actually had more outs recorded by position players than their pitchers. Read more

Brew Crew Confidential

State Fair historian Jerry Zimmerman has attended the fair 88 of his 90 years. His goal is to create a year-round exhibit celebrating the fair's history. Read more

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Robin Yount's three All-Star appearances is the lowest for any Hall of Famer who debuted after the inception of the game. Read more

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The average MLB team has won about 37.5 road games per season since 2010. The Brewers have been worse than that in 32 of their 49 seasons. Here are some notable exceptions. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle

America’s past is the subject of new books by award-winning reporter Seymour Hersh as well as distinguished historians and Foreign Service veterans. Read more