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Vivent Health uses a medical home model to treat patients with HIV/AIDS, while also providing services to help them thrive after diagnosis. Read more

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All drugs have been decriminalized in Portugal for nearly 20 years; can the U.S. learn anything for the Portuguese example? Read more

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This year’s theme, Make A Promise, "Don't Stop Us Now,” draws inspiration from the legendary British rock band Queen. Read more

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ARCW’s 2018 AIDS Walk Wisconsin/5K Run takes place Saturday, Oct. 6. We urge you to join this annual effort to combat the pernicious spread of HIV/AIDS. Read more

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Ruthie fields a question from a reader considering PrEP. Read more

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OneWisconsin Now has done us all a huge service by digging up the college writingsof Rebecca Bradley, temporarily on the state Supreme Court and seeking a full 10-yearterm. Yesterday,OWN revealed that Bradley, then known as Rebecca Grassl, h.. Read more

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AIDS WalkWisconsin will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a very special honorarychair—TimGunn, ProjectRunway’s mentorextraordinaire. TimGunn’s a busy man. He’s promoting PR’s 13th season, just completed a manuscripton his life as an ed.. Read more

Happening Now

Earlier this month, I attended CatalystCon East 2014 in Arlington, Va. My March 20 column contained some Catalyst-inspired musings on sex, ability and aging. This week, I want to reflect on another great conference Read more


Like all such monuments that former presidents construct to edify the public, the George W. Bush Presidential Center—opened with great ceremony in Texas last week—is mounted from its subject's point of view. Read more

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Recent medical breakthroughs have increased the life expectancy and quality of life for patients with HIV and AIDS, but the epidemic is far from over. New HIV infections in Wisconsin are up 19% this year, and those patients... Read more

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When John Kruth lived in Milwaukee, he had little trouble finding a few musicians whose wide-ranging tastes in ethnic music and rock matched his own. Back home in New York City, however, Kruth found musical soul mates on nearly every corner... Read more

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There’snever a scarcity of problems for people like me,” proclaims private inv Blonde Faith ,Books Read more

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