Holiday Gifts


A few ideas for those who would enjoy a caffeinated Christmas. Read more

Java Journal

Unwrapping a gift from an art museum store can be a surprisingly thoughtful surprise at the holidays, and also supports the museums, especially the Milwaukee Art Museum's mission.  A doubly good reason to consider visiting their gift shop whe.. Read more

Visual Arts

A longtime fixture of the Milwaukee music scene, roots-rocker Mike Fredrickson clocked time with two cult bands, The Spanic Boys and The Mosleys, before launching a quiet solo career at the beginning of the decade. His talents caught the at... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Melissa Czarnik’s first forays with rap were freestyling at high school and college parties, where she’d sometimes do battle with unwitting male opponents when one of their boasts struck her as ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Everyone may have holiday festivities on their minds, including buying gifts for loved ones or thank you gifts for those who have shown any kindness or thoughtfulness, or to bring to a seasonal party.  The Milwaukee Art Museum rises to the challen.. Read more

Visual Arts

As mentioned before, there are a lot of shows opening this weekend. Trying to figure out a pattern to openings in the Milwaukee theatre season can be a strange kind of Rorschach test. I’m not quite sure of what it says about the local theatre com.. Read more