Holiday Punch

Off the Wall Theatre stages Dale Gutzman’s final Holiday Punch variety show this month. more


In the past, Off The Wall Theatre'€™s Holiday Punch shows have been an opportunity to see the cast at the theatre unwind and blow off a little steam with a show that is in places excessively silly and bizarre, but in light of the fact that they .. more


The state Assembly approved a bill that would allow parents to take time off to attend their kids’ school-related activities, like conferences and classroom activities. Hopefully the Senate will follow suit and support working parents who wa.. more

Daily Dose

While there are certainly plenty acrobatic tricks in the Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats’ act, the program features far more than just spandex-clad stuntmen flipping through the air. There are amazing physical feats, elaborate costumes, trad... more

Today in Milwaukee

There are three different kinds of successful comedy shows: those that are funny, those th Punch 2008 ,Theater more