This article series covers the issues related to homelessness in the Milwaukee area.


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Milwaukee’s homeless population has until October 31 to evacuate Tent City. Read more

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Some 90 homeless individuals at a homeless encampment labeled "tent city" received eviction notices last weekend. Read more

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Hayat Pharmacy, along with the Muslim Community and Health Center, is getting involved in helping Milwaukee’s homeless community. Read more

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Nicole, 48, went from living in a camper by choice to living in a tent under the interstate. “We could go wherever we wanted, we didn’t have to be with the cram and the fear and the dirt.” Read more

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PHOTO CREDIT: Jean-Gabriel Fernandez

“I never dreamt that in my life I would be in a situation like this. People out there, don't be too complacent. You might be high on the hog right now, but this could happen to anybody.” Read more

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Homelessness is a reality for thousands of people in Wisconsin. Across the state, local governments, shelters and outreach organizations work to meet the complex needs of this population. Read more

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