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In Bay View, an anti-LGBTQ rally protested against a Drag Queen Story Hour, just a few weeks after an Alabama gay teen committed suicide. Read more

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court race comes down to a choice between an anti-LGBTQ bigot (Brian Hagedorn) and a deeply experienced, community-minded humanitarian (Lisa Neubauer). Read more

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It’s been told to me that being black and gay is like having two strikes against you. As I wrote previously in my column, “You have to fight for acceptance and validation.” Read more

Black, Blue and Rainbow

Recounting the pioneering Milwaukeean Lloyd Barbee, a largely forgotten African American ally in the struggle for LGBT rights. Read more


There’s not a lot of information about the overall state of health amongst the LGBT community in the U.S. On Tuesday, Oct. 11, which is National Coming Out Day, perhaps it’s time to come out as if your health depended on it, because ultimat... Read more


Paul Masterson celebrates the marriage of an interracial Wisconsin gay couple who have been together nearly 50 years, endured tremendous harassment and homophobia, and remained committed to one another. Read more


We are offering a strong endorsement of Appeals Court Judge District 4 JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Kloppenburg has an exceptional professional background and has the kind of temperament that’s needed on this court. Read more

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Interim Justice Rebecca Bradley didn’t disclose all of her writings and political affiliations in her three applications for three judicial positions—all of which she received from Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Read more

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The vitriol Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice and candidate Rebecca Bradley spewed as a college student at Marquette University in the early ’90s against LGBTQ and pro-abortion persons, along with her writings and track record since that time... Read more

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We are calling on Chris Abele to repudiate Rebecca Bradley and all of her hateful remarks. His silence indicates that he supports her bigotry. Read more

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Rebecca Bradley’s radical anti-gay writings prove that she doesn’t deserve to sit on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Read more

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Paul Masterson responds to Twitter users use of homophobic language to bash the militia occupying an Oregon bird sanctuary. Read more

Hear Me Out

Paul Masterson discusses interracial same-sex marriages and says that perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to impose our politics on love. Read more

Hear Me Out

Last week, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb made the right decision when she struck down Wisconsin’s hurtful ban on same-sex marriages. We applaud her common-sense decision, which Read more

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  Alongwith all things Louisiana,Cajun identity made a c,CD Reviews Read more

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