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When it comes to visual arts, Milwaukee’s cup runneth over. MKEartis here to wipe up the overflow. These recently opened shows are all well worth a visit.“Certificates of Presence: Vivian Maier, Livija Patikne, J.Lindemann” .. Read more

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 This year's Milwaukee Comedy Fest slips into the classy Next Act Theatre Space on 255 South Water Street with a very slick professionalism that makes it feel kind of like a comedy convention. One half expects to find booths from various comedy v.. Read more


On Friday, July 29, and Saturday, July 30, the quarterly Gallery Night and Day opens more than 50 doors to multiple venues so the city will enjoy art. This summer's two-day event welcomes some of most eclectic exhibitions the weekend has ev... Read more

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Scams have been around since snake oil was invented. But consumer advocates say that scams have taken a particularly nasty turn thanks to two recent trends: new technologies that allow anonymous scammers to create fake relationships with th... Read more

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A new art gallery creates excitement by turningpreviously bare walls into vehicles for   April25 - June 13 at the UWM Union Art Gallery, 2200 E. KenwoodBlvd. Call 414.229 ,Art Read more

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