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Ruthie answers questions from a reader considering a three-way and another wondering how young is too young for a cell phone. Upcoming events include: The Brew City Bombshells’ “Taboo” show at Hot Water Wherehouse, Feb. 10; Woman Up! at ... Read more

Dear Ruthie

Alliance Française deMilwaukee is the focal point for Francophiles and Francophones in ourcommunity. Hot off the Alliance’s 18th–annual fundraiser (“Fête du Cercled’Or”) comes their “friendraiser.” “La Fête du BeaujolaisNouveau .. Read more

Around MKE

Founded in 2009, the storytelling series Ex Fabula has grown from earnest experiment to thriving community hub. Its programming consists of slams, workshops, outreach events and even a weekly segment on WUWM. In the midst of America’s most ... Read more

A&E Feature

Ruthie answers a question from a Straight guy nervous about dancing at his wedding, and plugs exciting events including the Shepherd Express’ last Street Eats of the Summer, Sept. 11; Out in the Park at Six Flags Great America, Sept. 12; an... Read more

Hear Me Out

It’s a variety show exploring the nature of masculinity. From the outside it all looks so bewildering. The text promoting the event describes it as an opportunity to, “discover the mysteries of masculine wiles at the beautiful Hot Water Wher.. Read more


Present Music ended the season last Friday evening with “Music Nation” at Hot Water Wherehouse. Most of the music was chosen by audience vote. The result was a good and consistently intriguing program. Read more

Classical Music

Present Music’s Artistic Director Kevin Stalheim has always favored low barriers between performers and audience. Sometimes, he has endeavored to lower the wall altogether. Once again, Present Music has allowed its audience for contemporary... Read more

Classical Music


Vaudeville-inspired circus-goth variety act Deadman’s Carnival will ring in 2105 tonight at the Hot Water Wherehouse on S. Water St. The venue lies in the cozy shadows of bigger venues. Located near the Kinnickinnic River, the spot is located just.. Read more


Who says there’s not much to do in Milwaukee? The gays are bustin’ out with a full calendar of wild events, great shows, swanky celebrations and more. Too fancy-smancy? More of a meat-and-potatoes type? (And, who doesn’t like a good set of ... Read more

Hear Me Out

Mother Nature is a bitch! There…I said it. Sure, a woman’s prerogative is to change her mind, but this broad has taken things too far! Knock back a few PMS pills, lady, and bring us the spring we deserve. For God sakes, the other night it w... Read more

Hear Me Out

Decide what you’d like to see presented in this adventurous performing artists co-op’s first full season. Members will pitch ideas to the public using the entertaining pecha Read more

Classical Music

A Bit of Bollywood: The Skylight Music Theater will see fun changes under its new artistic director, Viswa Subbaraman. To celebrate his arrival and the upcoming Read more

Around MKE

Greendale Community Theatre is one of those inadvertent secrets of local theatre. Yes, the Greendale High School Auditorium gets quite a few people in for their shows, but many of these productions are remarkably polished projects, some of which.. Read more


Birds and insects largely disappear during the winter months, but the Charles Allis Art Museum transports these creatures back to Milwaukee as it honors an exceptional state artist in “Wisconsin Masters: Bruno Ertz.”Manitowoc-born Bruno Ert... Read more

Visual Arts

The Internet, with its blogs, comment boards and chat rooms, is giving voice to what was once a marginalized subspecies of moviegoer: a fringe community of fanboys (and girls) who spent their adolescence renting every horror movie at the lo... Read more

Film Reviews

In 1995, newly elected President Nelson Mandela became the champion of South Africa's low-ranking national rugby team, the Springboks. To the nation's blacks, Rugby represented white Afrikaner elitism, but believing South Africa's pride was... Read more

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%uFFFD Friday, Sept. 25%uFFFD Donnis w/ DJ Benzi @ Hot Water/Wherehouse, 10 p.m. ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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