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Beyond spotlighting Milwaukee music, the Strange Fruit music festival looks to stoke conversation and create true community. more

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Tall Boys Improv

There’s a kind of desperation that bleeds out of almost any comedy. One doesn't have to be drenched in flop sweat to come across as being needy and anxious onstage in a comedic capacity. The very act of getting onstage with the express idea of.. more


After three years on the East Side, the Le Freak dance party has found a new home at Company Brewing. more

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Photo by Andrew Nordstrum

The four members of Milwaukee’s folky rock group The New Seven all share a common training. more

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DRE DAY MKE / via Facebook

Few figures loom larger in hip-hop than Dr. Dre, the producer who laid the template for gangsta rap, recorded one of the more replayable rap albums of all time with The Chronic , and sired stars from Eminem to Snoop Dogg. Don't let his headphone-h.. more

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A crowded upper flat in Riverwest is piled with empty instrument cases. A teapot simmers on the oven and an ensemble of musicians is gathered around a drum set more

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For more than half a decade, singer-guitarist Sean Raasch and drummer Tyler Nelson played together in Jackraasch, a local group that specialized in the kind of bread-and-butter, guitar-based indie-rock that, as their bad luck would have it,... more

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Brett Newski imposed strict limitations on himself while working on his latest album, American Folk Armageddon, which he recorded at Shane Hochstetler’s Howl Street more

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Nathaniel Rateliff, Keith Sweat, Schoolboy Q and more. more

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Music documentaries have always been a staple of the Milwaukee Film Festival, but it wasn't until last year that the festival spun them off into their own program, Sound Vision. That program will return for this year's fest with a fresh lineup of .. more

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With any show there are so many more factors at play than just the quality of the acts involved. There’s the venue, the sound guy, the crowd, the available alcohol and about a million other variab,Concert Reviews more

Concert Reviews

The retro soul revival of the last few years, led in large part by the likes of Daptone Records, has produced its fair share of quality music, but even at its best it comes with some persistent philosophical questions that get in the more

Concert Reviews

When Milwaukee band Delta Routine received the WAMI Award for Alternative Artist of the Year this spring—on top of being named 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s Band of the Year last year—they had just gone through... more

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This summer the Milwaukee hip-hop duo AUTOMatic released either their best or their worst song yet, depending on your tastes: “Move,” a thumping, electro-funk throwback that divided listeners who had grown accustomed... more

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Nobody would claim that Milwaukee doesn't have a fondness for American music. Spend a week or two going to shows in Bay View, Riverwest or on the East Side, and you'll witness a wide variety of local Americana, folk, folk-rock, roots-rock..... more

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Music documentaries have consistently been some of the Milwaukee Film Festival\'s best-attended screenings, and festival organizers have taken notice. This year they\'ve expanded their music-documentary lineup into its own program, Sound Vision. A.. more

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This week, Boris and Doris attend “Haiti 2012 Dreams and Reality," Feathers & Foxtails fashion extravaganza at Hotel Foster and Woodland Pattern. more

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Sixty years of prints are featured in the Milwaukee Art Museum’s sprawling exhibition on artist Warrington Colescott. The wide-ranging retrospective includes Colescott’s 1948 Lady at Leisure and 2008 Mardi Gras at the more

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