Hounds Tooth

Klare Productions with Artistic Director Katie O'Regan is staging a production of The Sound of Music in Cedarburg at the end of next month. The producer responsible for The Dream Cafe Musical! will be bringing The Sound of Music to the stage. Prod.. more

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Milwaukee blues rock group Hounds Tooth sounds hungry and committed. When it comes to vocals and guitar chops, Jared James Nichols practices restraint where others of his generation (he cites Stevie Ray Vaughan as a formative influence) wou... more

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If he were so inclined, Reverend Raven could go to sleep every night on a pile of the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards he’s earned since the ’90s as one of the city’s most popular blue,Today in Milwaukee more

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Thisrecording doesn’t create a new sound, and for that we’rethankful—e Odelay ,CD Reviews more

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