House Of Correction

Founded in 2009 by Arn Quakkelaar, the nonprofit Genesis in Milwaukee Inc. (2454 W. Lisbon Ave.) is a reintegration program for those returning to Milwaukee from prison more

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British trip-hop god Tricky has canceled a number of U.S. tour dates, including his Oct. 10 show at the Turner Hall Ballroom, citing Visa issues. "Tricky has some juvenile offences for joyriding and forgery of the crown and the US authorities requ.. more

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The Milwaukee County Board has been trashed so much lately in the Legislature that someone should recognize the enormous good it just accomplished when it worked with the county executive to improve community justice more

Taking Liberties

That should immediately prompt the public toquestion not only Sheriff Clarke’s management skills, but also his politicalmotives for such an extraordinary announcement. Those who suspect political chicanery are right ontarget. ,Taking Li... more

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Jim Doyle has asked the feds todeclare "all of Wisconsin in compliance with national clean airstandards." OK, makes sense. Just tell the truth, I say. But there isan "oops" factor. Turns out Doyle's DNR has found "that the airin several counti.. more

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It’s hard to know which is worse—to be accused of total indifference What’s your take? Write: ,Taking Liberties more

Taking Liberties