Hula Hoop Sha-Boop

One of Milwaukee's longest-served hip-hop groups, the Rusty P's have a new album out, LMNOP's . It's a collaboration with LMNTylst, a producer who shares the group's taste in off-kilter funk and has some shared history with them. He'd previously r.. Read more

On Music

As society emerges into a new decade, the rock music genre turns 60. The earliest rock and roll music existed in a very dramatic and dynamic point in U.S. history. The passion and energy of that era is often glossed-over by popular conception of .. Read more


There appears to be a cultural need to view the past in a simpler, more innocent light. In the 1970s, a decade troubled by Vietnam and Watergate, a sanitized version of the ’50s became immensely popular, as evidenced by the rise of films an... Read more


The TV series “Scrubs” catapulted one-time middle school art teacher Joshua Radin into folk-pop stardom when the show premiered Radin’s song “Winter” in a 2004 episode. Sales of Radin’s EP skyrocketed, bringing the song Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Wrigley Field will host Blackhawks-Wings on New Year's Day 2009 CHICAGO (AP) -- Frosty baseball games have long been a fixture atWrigley Field, where a stiff wind off Lake Michigan can chill fans,players and managers alike. Now the Friendly .. Read more

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Sometimesthe title says it all. Hula Hoop Sha-Boop isa cavalc Hula Hoop Sha-Boop ,Theater Read more