Human Trafficking


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His company, JL Promotions, continues to grow, and before accepting any new work, Arms asks himself, “Is this going to help somebody?” Read more


A bipartisan proposal announced Tuesday is aimed at making testing sexual assault kits quicker and easier. Read more

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A 2018 report estimated that 340 young adults and children in Milwaukee were victims of sex trafficking from 2013 to 2016. Read more

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A fine ensemble of actors brings a chilling story of modern-day slavery to life at Renaissance Theaterworks. Read more


Domestic violence remains appallingly common. As much attention as it’s gotten in the recent past, the full impact of human trafficking in America remains largely in the shadows. This month with the debut of Blame, locally-based Destiny Production.. Read more


The nonprofit Grateful Girls strives to inspire, empower, motivate and encourage women of all ages and serve those who have escaped the sex-trafficking industry, with the specific goal of eradicating human trafficking. Read more


The nonprofit Purpose Filled Purse program provides purses filled with personal care items and hand-written letters of love and encouragement to women who may have fallen victim to human trafficking, prostitution, domestic violence, homeles... Read more


“Human trafficking” conjures up images of international sex rings and slave labor in other countries.But human traffickers and their victims are a constant presence Read more

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When is a cup of coffee more than just a cup of coffee? When it's produced according to fair trade standards... Read more

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If the last movie that you directed won the Academy Award, what would you do as a follow up? This was the conundrum confronting Danny Boyle. His acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire had dominated the Oscars with eight trophies, including the covet... Read more

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Away We Go, a droll comedy-cum-drama by director Sam Mendes (American Beauty), perceptively explores the lives of more-or-less ordinary 30somethings lost in a world without much meaning. Verona (Maya Rudolph) and Burt (John Krasinski) are about t.. Read more

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