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The cover of Bob Mould’s new album, Beauty & Ruin, blends a younger version of the musician smoking a cigarette next to the gray-goateed, bespectacled man he has become. It’s a fitting i,Concert Reviews Read more

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It’s official: the 1990s are now officially a part of our collective past, an era that is now seen primarily through the hazy lens of nostalgia. Particularly in the realm of alternative rock (a ph,Concert Reviews) Read more

Concert Reviews

It’s often hard to like amazingly talented bands. Talent can breed pretentiousness, and pretentiousness can breed assholes. That’s why bands like Appleton-based Tenement are so noteworthy: They put out great... Read more

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Despite good starts recently from Bush, Parra and McClung, the Brewersstarting pitching situation is precarious at best. While it would begreat if this was a signal of the pitchers settling in and findingtheir rhythm, I'm skeptical. McClung had.. Read more

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Former Husker Du and Sugar frontman Bob Mould may have strayed from his edgy, Midwestern District Line ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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