Each summer, Danceworks produces a hip-hop show called Ignite, part of the DanceLAB series. This year, 11 exemplary works were created. more


Muskego’s John Domanski and the Daydreamers reside in an almost deceptively airy space on their debut EP, Ignite. Consciously looking to the ’90s for inspiration, their sound approaches a masculine complement to the folk emphasis of Lilith ... more

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Itrefers to itself as a “geek event.” Honestly, as society gets more and moreinformation-oriented it’s becoming more and more difficult to discern whatexactly defines “geek.” The event in question seems open to a lot of differenttypes of.. more

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Think back to what our environment was like 40 or so years ago. Air pollution was a given. Nonsmoking areas were virtually nonexistent. Chemicals were routinely dumped in our waterways without a thought about their impact. Littering was acc... more

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