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Culinary educator Alamelu Vairavan, born and raisedin India but a Milwaukee resident for most of her adult life, has a deep desireto educate people about healthy, flavorful cooking with legumes, rice, meat andfresh veggies. She also hopes to fa.. Read more

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Over the course of his prolific 20-year writing career, Sherman Alexie has given us a view into the modern American-Indian experience through favorites such as The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven and Read more


Many people like Bombay Sweets for its simplicity: There is no table service, plates and cutlery are made of plastic, and the offerings are strictly vegetarian. The food is very good—some of the very best East Indian cuisine in the area... Read more

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If you attend “Summerdances: Uncovered,” the major concert to be presented through June 5 by the Department of Dance of the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, you will do well to bring an open mind about what constitutes contemporary dan... Read more

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The longstanding knock against Milwaukee’s popular Jazz in the Park concert series is that it rarely books any “real jazz,” which is code for the kind of classic-era Blue Note, hard-bop and cool jazz that the biggest genre enthusiasts love most. M.. Read more

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While I was at the Boulevard Theatre fundraiser on Monday, I had the passing opportunity to talk to actress Anne Miller. She’s going to be in a show this fall, but doesn’t have any work for the time being. With the summer starting up, I suspect th.. Read more


Mitchell Streetwas once known as the Polish Grand Avenue, the main drag forMilwaukee’s large Polish-American community. The Poles began m,None Read more

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In what's usually a sign of very, very poor ticket sales, the Turner Hall Ballroom announced today that Wednesday night's Gang Gang Dance/Marnie Stern concert is now free. Though the co-headliners each had breakthrough years, earning cheers from m.. Read more

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The last of the summer’s major concert series comes to a close for the season tonight, when Jazz in the Park packs it in for the year after a 6:30 p.m. performance from the fiery salsa band Nabori at ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Break out your earplugs, because you’re going to need them: Tonight is the beginning of the three-day Milwaukee Noise Fest at the Borg Ward. Included on tonight’s bill, which starts at 7 p.m., a,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Winners in the Best v category for Best of Milwaukee 2008. Read more

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MAYURA INDIAN RESTAURANT 1958 N. Farwell Ave. ' 2008 Creators Syndicate Inc. What’s your take? Write: ,Dining Out Read more

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Thisproved the case at the new Indian Rasoi, located at the corner onceoccupied by Danci chiquangue ,Dining Out Read more

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Fortunately for myself and my ne`er-do-wells, the book Seven Winning Strategies and the Ul God Grew Tired of Us ,Off the Cuff Read more

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"Hiatus" is a well-known code for "pretty much broken up," and Electrelane, sadly, are on hiatus. It'd be hypocritical for any rock writer to cry too loudly about the disbanding, since Elecrelane never received much love from the press, which almo.. Read more

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