Indonesian Junk

Milwaukee rockers Indonesian Junk enjoy wallowing in scuzz, but they can write a damn catchy pop tune when they want to. Between its power-pop riff and singer/guitarist Daniel James' Joey Ramone-esque drawl, the group's latest single "I'll Run Awa.. Read more

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Lauryn Hill comes to town the same night as Mittenfest and two killer local bills. Not bad for a February Saturday. Read more

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Photo credit: Andrew Feller

As part of the Arte Para Todos festival, Tonic Tavern hosted a lively, hip-hop-leaning bill (with one major outlier). Read more

Concert Reviews

Milwaukee’s power trio Indonesian Junk position themselves somewhere between punk and glam, with an emphasis on the heavy. Read more

Music Feature

That the Minneapolis duo Peter Wolf Crier released their debut record, Inter-Be, on Jagjaguwar, the same label as Bon Iver, only further invited comparisons that were probably already inevitable. Peter Wolf Crier’s music follows a similar t... Read more

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